New Jersey based artist Joseph Carlough is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.
Digital Print
8″ x 12″
I met Kenan at an event in Brooklyn, NY.  He was selling his comics and art prints, I was selling my books. We were sitting next to each other, and hit it off immediately. He asked my partner and I if we came to zine (homemade book) fests often, and we said yes. We laughed and claimed that we were a zine wonder couple, and he, without missing a beat, said, “The Wonders! Is that your last name?”

And so we traded our work, and I’ve seen him numerous times since. We keep in touch, regularly trade work by mail, see each other at artistic events here and there, manage to find time for brunch, even though we live hours apart. It’s a small world when you’re a part of a community. 

Kenan’s possibly the most disciplined person I know. Seeing his artwork is a constant reminder that I have to always be working- making better, stronger, more complete pieces.  I live in a world of extremely personable, talented, and energetic creators, and that’s what makes it all fun. It’s easy to feel excited about art when those around you are. 

Kenan’s the real deal, and I can’t respect him enough for it.

Joseph Carlough is a book artist, zine guy… and also is the real deal who I recently met at a 50th Anniversary for a mutual friend’s parents. Ya never know who you are going to meet- even at at Indian Pakistani restaurant with 100 or so relatives and assorted characters.  But our friend knew – she sat us at the same table!  Thanks Nadira!
Who’s a real deal in your life?

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