Georgia based artist Malena Bisanti- Wall is this week’s guest blogger for our Artist as Collector Series
Encaustic on cradled board

7″ H x 5″ W x 1.5″ D
I met Jenni Horne many years ago and I’ve always admired her work.  

We were both showing at an art show and she asked if I’d be interested in trading – of course I was!  I couldn’t decide between several pieces and she gave me a good piece of advice:  go with my instinct.  It was really helpful and I now share this with my customers who can’t decide when purchasing my work.

A few years later, we were both at another show.  I went to purchase her “Joy” piece and we ended up trading again.  I now have two of her pieces and I’m looking forward to acquiring a third to complete my collection.

I was drawn to this piece because I love encaustic work, as well as the whimsical, colorful style of Jenni’s art.  I also really enjoy reading her blog – she makes you feel like you’re part of her process, her life, and her life as an artist.  

Malena Bisanti- Wall  is a ceramic and mixed media artist living in Marietta, Georgia.  Her playful objects and sculptures are often inspired by the words of others.

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