Crows are intelligent, and resourceful. They are cooperative breeders which means they also stay close to the place they were born and help raise the young. They build their nests high above the ground with twigs, branches, cloth, hair- or whatever they can find.

Collograph on hand made paper

Time Check, collograph on handmade paper with inclusions, 18″ x 20″,
$250.00 with free shipping


This series was a response to returning to the east coast after many years in Hawaii. I was happy to finally be with Scott after our two year long distance love affair, but it was an adjustment to be back in NJ.  The crows in our suburban backyard were my only connection to nature at the time as I watched them gather in community with each other.

Time Check is a collograph print. The collage plate was made on a masonite board with Carborundum grit and gel medium.  It inked and printed onto handmade paper with embedded natural plants and fibers from NJ. The two sheets of paper attached at the bottom are cotton pulp with grocery store fliers. Made into small sheets, they were sent to the women in my family to use for their daily to- do lists.

Starting anew, trying to find my way had its challenges. The audacious crows were a reminder to remember why I was back and to celebrate my new life with Scott and build our life together.

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