• Canadian artist, Kati Bujna is this week’s guest blogger for our Artist as Collector Series.
    Centropolis IV
    acrylic on canvas
    24″ x 30″
    Collection of Kati Bujna
    I met Rob Stock at the Haliburton School of The Arts (HSTA) last September, 2012, where we were classmates.  Drawn to Rob’s easy-going and articulate nature,  I soon came to learn more about and admire Rob through the course of our art classes together. His thoughtful approach to his work left an incredibly rich etching on my soul. 
    During figure drawing class he used bold, thick, angular strokes where mine were softer and more fluid. During painting exercises, his palette held a select few colors while mine had many. Rob’s work takes command of my eyes, mind and heart. He makes me ponder, think, and ask questions. 
    As the viewer, I like that process – a lot.
    I purchased this painting from Rob. It is part of his Centropolis SeriesSimply, it makes me feel lightening bolts. I am energized by the thought-provoking concept that Rob depicts through his bold execution of acrylic paint to make his marks.  I am reminded each time I walk past it that we are responsible for our relationship to the planet we live on, to each other, and that there are consequences to our choices.  I like that it makes me think and feel at the same time. 
    The painting’s impression engages my mind each time I look at it. With this painting, Rob’s thoughtful energy lives in my home.  
    Based in Ontario, Canada, Kati Bujna is a painter and photographer. The upcoming “Synapses” art exhibition and sale presented by Kati Bujna Fine Art Studio, runs from June 21-23, 2013 at the CEI Main Gallery and will highlight the works of Rob Stock and Kati Bujna’s tree and urban imagery using multi-media. 

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