The Five in Fiber exhibition is up and ready for the the opening reception tomorrow Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 3-5 pm at Gallery 37 in Milford, Delaware.
Five artists working with plant, paper and/or synthetic fibers, each of us with different sensibilities and yet noticing the threads (can’t avoid that pun) that connect us to each other aesthetically and conceptually.
Here’s a shot of me putting the finishing
touches on my window installation
My work address what we catch, what we release and how this shapes our identity. Wire and netting are shaped and formed, then dipped into vats of over- beaten pulp that dries over the form like a taut skin. These “nets” are used, along with pages from old books, fabric, dried plants, and other found objects- including pantyhose, (growing up with a father in the millinery business,) to catch the “stuff” of our lives. Once castaways, these vessels serve as filters and homage to time and memory. 

I love walking along the beach and find beauty and mystery in the odds and ends of humanity and nature intertwined and washed ashore, as much as I appreciate coming across a bird’s nets using strands of plants and found scraps of paper. 
Deborah Johnson hung her dream like fiber and cast glass spirit boats in the window on the other side of the front door.

Delainey Barclay drove up in her mini cooper (you can even see it in the photo, between Deborah’s boat and the wisps of turquoise and violet fiber sails) filled with her string balls. Here she is below installing her airy and celestial sculptures suspended on thin wire on the back wall…

opposite of apparel artist Marilyn Mitchell piece.  And then suspended more in the back gallery juxtaposed to Linda Celestian‘s cascading green work that feels like waves of an elegant algea. 
And whether you can make it tomorrow or not- just remember…

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