just have to find your path to it.” 
bex, Leeway Foundation Transformation Award Winner ’09

Participants in Nanci’s Leeway Foundation
Art and Change Grant partnering with YoungMoms,
at the Garage, Kennett Square, PA

Last week I attended an informational evening at the Leeway Foundation regarding their Transformation Award.   This award is unrestricted. I was awarded a Leeway Art & Change Grant in 2010 which is project based.  

3 prior awardees sat on a panel with Sham-e-Ali Nayeem, the Program Director, they were bex, Ruth Naomi Floyd, and Magda Martinez.  All were generous with their time, information and words of wisdom.

Here are a few gems to keep close to your heart, whether or not this award is for you.

Tell a story- don’t be afraid to go to the dark places. Be honest about the struggle.

Be truthful about your work in the most basic way. Double speak will fade away.

Give yourself time to get there. 

Answer this question; I am the most me when I am…

If you were offering this as a gift to someone, what would you want this gift to be?

Art through Social Change is through relationships. What’s happening to the people who are with you?
What’s happening to you? Why are you there together?

The Leeway Foundation is a tremendous resource for women and transgender artists living in the Philadelphia area.  They offer workshops, a great blog and numerous support sessions for those interested in applying for either their ACG or the Transformation Award.

What exists for you?  Are you on that path?

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