Cooling off this week at White Clay State Park had me thinking about the expression “Dog Days of Summer” which is the time period commonly associated with July 3 – August 11.

Painting of 3 dogs laying around

Caryl’s Boys
Acrylic on printed cotton duck
11″ x 14″
©NanciHersh2014 Collection of Caryl Felicetta

The phrase has its origins in the stars with the placement of the so called dog star Sirius in the heavens which also means that in 26,000 years could occur in mid winter! The meaning, has also morphed through the centuries but is still associated with the hottest days of the year.

It is hot here, and humid but I do love this time of year and want to savor every moment.

Boys’ summer camps and my classes and workshops are behind us.

Group shot of Painting by the Pond 2015 participants on Day 5

Group shot of Painting by the Pond 2015 participants on Day 5

And, we have a new member of the family- for three weeks. Garbiñe is from the Basque region of Spain and will be attending University this fall.

photo of girl and a dog at creek

Garbiñe and Maggie enjoying White Clay State Park in Delaware

It happened quickly- never one to plan too much. I saw an URGENT 4 host families needed tied to a street sign post last week. Called the number on Sunday, got the call back on Monday, and Garbiñe arrived on Thursday.

Garbiñe is already fitting right in with our teenage boys and their friends, dogs and our active lifestyle- and we enjoy learning about her language (Euskara is an ancient language unrelated to any other language is at the heart of their cultural identity) and culture. Her English is great and like many young Europeans, is fluent is several languages.

The adventure continues!

What are your plans these glorious dog days of summer?



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