Based in Vermont and New Mexico, Liza Myers is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.
Fran Bull, “The Leap”
ink on paper
20″ x 16″
collection of Liza Myers
Fran Bull is a painter, a sculptor, a printmaker, an opera singer, a performance artist. She creates large mixed-media installations and lately, immense, three-dimensional wall works of plaster. Her work is technically fabulous and wildly (and successfully) experimental. Even more importantly, her work exudes her inner passion for art and for humanity.

This sweet ink drawing was a gift from Fran following an exhibition we had of her ink drawings at our gallery in Vermont. Every one of them was dynamic and emotive and I feel lucky to have this particular piece in my collection.

I feel as if I am the girl in the drawing, hurtling through life, full tilt, reaching out, somewhat dangerously, for the next opportunity- the wild adventurer in all of us. For that reason I call this “The Leap.”

To read a review I wrote about an astonishing exhibition of Fran’s at the Christine Price Gallery in Castleton, Vermont click here.

Liza Myers is a painter, sculptor, educator and world traveler. The entangled intricacy of the natural world fascinates her which can be seen in her intricate paintings of nests and the variety of materials from which they are woven.

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