Q. With passports and carry on luggage only, what is the best way to get to Paris?

a. Concorde

Non, but we did see it “parked” on the side of the road as we left Charles DeGaulle Airport.
Tres skinny… like the french dogs (more on that later)

b. bicyclette

Non, mais c’est garcon est tres Francais

c. sports car

Non, Scott was tempted to take it for a ride!

Using OnePass Miles and some gifted United Miles. (Mahalo Nui Loa xox)  We left on Continental Airlines from Newark (NJ not DE.)  An easy flight, we arrived on an absolutely beautiful spring morning.

Which brings me to how we got to our Paris destination…

At the suggestion of my friend Karen F. Rose, we booked the  SuperShuttle online ahead of time.
Meet Roger, our friendly non English speaking driver who took us, (albeit the long way, thanks to another passenger, Nick who was extremely hyper and was a bit annoying American staying on the OUTSKIRTS of Paris)

Nanci & Roger (he put the tie on just for this photograph!)

That much longer than needed drive from the aiport to our apartment gave me a great opportunity to brush up on my high school french (thank you Madame Richardson!) and to catch another glimpse of French life.

What discoveries have you made taking the long way?

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