The Conquest
Encaustic and collage on page from book
8″ x 5.5″


another page from the book The Conquest of Fear , a discarded book I found curbside.

I love drawing and collage, finding connections between seeming unrelated images.

The fence image from an earlier solar print I did of my son on a swing, the small section of a pattern piece, a page from another book, held together with wax and another past favorite material- masking tape.  The fence- home and heart, the pattern piece- becoming whole after surgery, and half the circle sitting on top of the stormy sea.

We are wounded, full of holes, and often atop stormy seas, riding it all out, but doing our best to remember that faith and love conquers all.

P.S. Surprise! There is another whole collaged image on the reverse side of this piece.

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