Dear C,

We had a bit of a rocky start.  You began as a diagnosis, not very fun, to say the least.  But I must admit-you grew on me.

Maybe it was the flowers, chocolate, and gifts I received;  that’s one way to a girl’s heart.  I found myself surrounded by loving, caring, and inspiring people. And, I continue to meet many more because of you.

Your ability to challenge me to dig deep, figure out what is important, go a little lighter on myself and value every day is greatly appreciated.

Oh, and I love how you inspire me.  Talk about the über Muse!  That’s you baby!  
The prints, photographs, collages, and more, came pouring out of me- even a book.  Who knew?

This note is long overdue (In fact 8 years (!) this month,) but, with Thanksgiving 3 days away, 
I figured no time like the present to say, thank you.

Gratitude, 2004
Digital Print with Colored Pencil

 And, I am grateful that…

I Still Look Good in Clothes, 2004
Encaustic, collage on wood

Often, the greatest gifts come in the forms of our biggest challenges.

To see more on life’s challenges as a gift watch Stacey Kramer on TED.

What surprising gifts have you found in your personal challenges?

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