There’s perseverance and then, there’s perseverity. Think high octane.

Nate IS perseverity.
photo by Bob Lefton

Talking with a friend recently about life’s challenges and what is needed to get through it all. Go through that mucky, dark place come out shining.
After 2011, a challenging year to say the least. I received a second breast cancer diagnosis followed by surgery, chemo, radiation and in the midst of it all, my two sons were injured- one of them permanently. Nate was blinded in one eye. I- we, needed more than perseverance, we needed perseverity.
Maggie has perseverity too! She was getting in on the fun no matter what!
photo by Jessica Czerwin
My own word for using all of my energy to come back stronger and more centered.
My Koi Pond Series is a celebration of my perseverity. 
May 1-June 3, 2014. Mala Galleria,206 E. State St., Kennett Square, PA.

Own it, baby.

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