Ocean Bloom, painting by Nanci Hersh

Ocean Bloom, 2015,
acrylic, spray paint, charcoal and oil on canvas, 30″ x 24″

Standing in line at the local health food store the other day, words in bold lettering on a yoga journal cover caught my eye; finding your sweet spot. In yoga, this usually refers to that place in a posture where you are challenging yourself but without straining which may cause pain or injury. My take away from the quick glance at the sub title of the headline was that this article was about finding that sweet spot off the mat, in your work. Working hard without the pain and suffering that often comes with overworking.

Profession Artist Magazine June/July 2015, cover image by Nanci Hersh

Up for Air on the cover of June/July 2015 Professional Artist Magazine

Finding that work/life balance is a hot topic these days. We are all busy. Sometimes, really busy.

In the June/July 2015 issue of Professional Artist Magazine, which also features my painting Up for Air on the cover(!) there is an excellent article by Aletta De Wal,  an artist advisor for Artist Career Training, titled “The Work/Life Balancing Act.” Along with interviews with other artists on their work/life balance approach, she shares 5 Common causes of Work/Life Imbalance with suggestions how to address them. (overcommitting? guilty.) That’s a tough one for me.

As an artist, wife, mother, daughter, friend, teaching artist, floral designer and retail person at a local museum, community member, and pet and home owner, my life is a fluid act of planning, juggling, negotiating, strategizing.

Backyard pleasures

One of my sweet spots, pondside on my lanai with Dini da Wahine

As I sit here today in my sweet spot- my backyard lanai pond side, home from work with a head cold, I am taking the time to rest, recharge.

and then, vacuum.

Which reminds me to find a new house cleaner. (#4 of Aletta’s article- delegate!)


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