Potter Alex Beam-Ward is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series’
“Studio Cup”
This has been my studio cup for many years, and one of my most cherished cups in my collection.  It is by Bo Bedilion, a potter and professor at Columbia College. Bo is also a mentor and dear friend of mine. It was a gift from the artist. 
I have always admired Bo’s deliberate use of archetypical forms and outdated glazes. He uses this as a means to ground his work in the past, but he is able to find new life within his self-imposed restrictions. 

In a conversation I once had with Bo in his studio,  he likened his work to “Putting new red laces on a pair of old work boots.”  

I have always thought this was a lovely analogy for his work.  

Alex Beam-Ward lives and works in Chester County, PA. His work recently caught my eye at a Farmer’s Market in Kennett Square. No red laces. White is the new red here.

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