Adventures and inspiration are never far away, especially if you are on foot and take the time to explore.

Helen, my friend visiting from Australia and I spent an afternoon in Old City, Philadelphia.  It was there at Three Sirens that we found some far out shoes and and met Aubrie Costello– a “Sole Sister.”
Aubrie, it turns out, is not only a super friendly sales clerk, but a wonderful artist. She also, paints shoes and incorporates them in installations.  I shared with her my Walks thru Life: Shoe Portraits Series, and she in turn, showed me her work.

One of her pieces, Ladies in Waiting is right behind the register.

Ladies in Waiting, detail
©2011Aubrie Costello

New finds, new friends and new muses …. what’s your favorite recent discovery?

Red Hot Red #3
Acrylic on canvas
6″ x 6″
from Walks thru Life: Shoe Portraits

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