View from Inside Looking Out
Installing the work…
flashback from my Visual Merchandising
days at Macy’s Herald Square
Laurette Kovary lending her astute installation eye
Notice the Button Logo!

Jerry Scupp, Deputy Director of the Fashion Center
and all around art friend

Tuesday was installation day for my window at thefashioncenter at 209 West 28th St.. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and I had a great time putting it all together. Setting it up in my studio was an important way to get a sense of how the work goes together but actually putting the work in the space took on a new life….

Here are some installation shots including one of Jerry Scupp, deputy director (and visionary) of thefashioncenter sitting in my From Where I Sit Chair.
There were actually some fun “serendipitious coincidences (are there really any?) The work is part of my Inherently Found series where I am interested in what we find and how it takes on a life of its own in a new context. As I was unpacking my nets from the bubble wrap behind the window, I found a small button with a drop of paint on it. That button made its way into my piece as it hangs from one of the nets that are clustered together. There are also other buttons in my piece. My great friend and art buddy Laurette Kovary came into meet me just as it was coming together and she noticed that logo of thefashioncenter is a button…. naturally, don’t ya just love when that happens… its like a signpost telling you that you are on the right track!

Have you noticed any cool “signs” lately?

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