It was a picture perfect end of summer evening and from the start at 5 pm on Saturday, September 20, 2014 to the end- and beyond we had a steady stream of friends, neighbors and collectors join Scott and I for my 2nd (I think it needs to be annual!) Open House/Studio Party.
Open Door to an Open House

Here is a tour of sorts with some shots taken by Carlos Hervas.

Discussing my most recent painting, Exhale with sculptor
Stan Smokler and his wife, Madeline Lewis
This is a great room to showcase work. The color of the walls

was inspired by a sheet of hand made paper produced in South America that I have carried with

me since my days working at the Brodsky Center (called the Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper

when I worked there many years ago) in New Brunswick. My dining room in our house

in Red Bank was also painted that color. To the right of the wall, outside of

The French doors on the right lead to our backyard lanai and koi pond.

My upstairs studio and office complete with doggie crates
where they like to hang (with the doors open of course)
and another set of doors leading out to our lanai and
koi pond.
Our open floor plan, plethora of wall space, and great
natural light are just perfect for a party! 
Another shot of my upstairs studio/office.
Here I am on far right talking to friends and collectors of my
work (including two new large pieces from the evening)- Karin and Henry Silbernagel.

The evening was a success in every way, and I am happy to say that many new pieces will be going to new homes- and freeing up my wall space for a future Open House/Studio Party at the Okie Dr. Gallery!

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