Watching the process and evolution of an idea is fascinating.  Often we get a glimpse of an idea, we follow it, not sure where it will take us.  We even question the validity of the path, but we continue.
And the path, is rarely a straight line. But the journey is the adventure.

Shadow Nets #10/11
Charcoal, graphite, gesso, Stabilo aquarelle
on paper
30″ x 22″
©2011Nanci Hersh

What began as an idea- my cutlery out of wire, pulp, encaustic and collage, then a dream about butterfly nets, then I began to make my own nets, then photograph them, and now the drawings from their shadows.  ah, the shadows. I do love shadows.

Utensils, 2006
form Inherently Found Series
Wire, pulp, encaustic, collage
Sometimes you know where you are going and you still end up somewhere different.  Sometimes you don’t know where you’re going- or even where you are- but you still keep going. 
But always, you must follow your heart.

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