Recently, Lisa MacMain and I met at  her house to sort through bags of donated baby clothing for my Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant.  We will begin working with the Teen Moms at the end of this month.  To get started we decided to have some baby clothing ready for the girls to work with.
These tiny garments will become the catalysts and vehicles for stories told through images and words.

We will be making collographs together.  Collograph is a type of printmaking.

The root of the word is colle` – French for glue.It is the glue, or in this case Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish that will seal the porous fabric of the clothing so they can be inked up or embossed and run through a press.

I plan on having some pieces of clothing ready for the girls to begin working with when we have our first meeting at The Garage on January 27.

Coating clothing with Gel Medium

This is only the beginning of our adventure together!
What stories would your favorite clothing tell? 

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