Finishing up the last of the pieces for my exhibition at the Siegel JCC ArtSpace in Wilmington.

*to the Stranger that has loved you, 2013
Acrylic, spray paint on canvas
16″ x 20″
©2013NanciHersh photo by Dain Simons

The title of the show is “Beneath the Surface” with paintings and works on paper of koi and sculptures of objects made out of wire and paper pulp as containers to hold experiences that wash up in our lives.

Water and fish have appeared and reappeared in my art throughout the years.
Now nets- and their shadows are a part of the exploration.

Suspension (detail) 2012
Acrylic, spray paint, graphite acquarelle, pastel on paper
48″ x 96″
©2013NanciHersh photo by Dain Simons

A conversation in the 2013 Omega catalogue titled “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Debbie Ford on overcoming fear and igniting self- confidence” seemed to capture the metaphor of the shadow for me spot on.

Here is an excerpt.

Omega: You’ve written that you can’t have the full experience of the light without knowing the dark. Why do you consider the shadow to be the gatekeeper of true freedom?

Debbie: You can’t be fully yourself if you have aspects that are hiding. The shadow holds the truth of all the authentic parts of being human- your vulnerability, your discontent, your jealousy, or an experience from the past that you haven’t digested.  The only way to invite them out of the shadow is to bring them into the light. The light is a new perspective in which you see that everything that’s happening is happening to help you develop your soul.  Then your’re free- free to be who you are most authentically, free to ask for what you need, free to find your joy and bliss, free to share your gifts.

Always in search of a new perspective…

Hope to see you at the opening reception on Thursday, April 11, 5-7 pm.

*the title of this painting is a line from the Derek Wolcott poem Love after Love.

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