Earlier in the week I blogged about resilience in our ButterflyKissesbook blog.  My recent trip up to the Jersey coast to visit my friend Betsey Regan was a reminder about what we need to survive- and stay a float in times of upheaval.  Betsey, a wondeful artist who has been on my Artist as Collector Series was heavily hit by Super Storm Sandy.  
This is not Betsey’s house, but close enough
We spent the day together and she gave me a tour of her area. 

It has been a rough road for so many, heartbreaking.

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Betsey has to rebuild and the road is rocky, frustrating, and these days, cold.

Hutch, Nanci & Betsey keeping warm

But what I love, and this speaks to resilience- is how, even in her turmoil and uncertainty, she finds ways to have little places of beauty and comfort in her house.

She will rebuild.

and in the meantime, that girl is still painting!

Betsey’s studio in the midst of it all!

Now that’s inspiring!

Who inspires you these days?

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