Study endlessly, persevere always, work perpetually, and wait patiently. Time has a way of recognizing talent and integrity.” Louise Nevelson

I am always jotting down memorable quotes that resonate with me. I found this one from Louise Nevelson on the inside of a back cover of a sketch book from ’05.

The following quote was on the inside of the front cover:
“Accept whatever comes to you in the pattern of your destiny for what could more aptly fit your needs?” Marcus Aurelius

Both seem as meaningful to me as always. We have decided to list our house FOR SALE BY OWNER. We love this house, we love living here. The house has charm, and character, and a wonderful soul. It also fits our needs – and I have a fabulous studio above the detached garage up in the tree tops. We also love our neighborhood, community and our location near the river, beaches, parks and close to NYC. But, Scott has been working down in Delaware since June of last year… and we all need to be together. So, I have been clearing out – giving away, throwing away and just purging! It feels great. I love the space this creates. I am also trying to be disciplined to go into my studio and work or clean or doodle or dawdle, but at least show up so I remember that that is what I need to do.

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