My Girls:
Dini & Maggie
White Clay Creek State Park

Be Open… 11/10/11
Watercolor pencils, 14″ x 11″

Almost a full week in my Blog Triage class. My brain is spinning.
Spent hours today on layout, colors, and different versions of my header with title.
I probably shouldn’t admit that it has been hours (!), but I figure it’s all part of the learning curve.
Looking forward to seeing where this takes me. Hopefully there will be more of a flow and some sort of cohesive vision between my work, my website and my blog that emerges from all this.
A confession: I never read other people’s blogs on any sort of consistent basis before this class. Now that I am committed to this new art form I have found some wonderful inspiring ones in my blog class and beyond. I need to get beyond some of the technical challenges of working on Blogger, a better camera, and a more disciplined schedule to make art, blog and connect with other artists.

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