Day #2 of What’s in My Drawers

Rose Tea Bag, graphite, acrylic on paper 6.25" x 10" $58.00 ©NanciHersh

Rose Tea Bag
graphite, acrylic on paper
6.25″ x 10″

Time is often marked by our rituals, our day to day habits that bring order to our lives. My husband Scott is a tea drinker, and every morning after the alarm goes off I go downstairs, turn on the electric kettle and then take the dogs out. When I come back in I make a hot water with lemon for myself and a cup of tea with two teaspoons of sugar (raw these days) and milk.  I bring his tea up to him or meet him half way on the stairs. The tea bags are left in a little saucer that our son Griffin gave us one year.

I started noticing the beauty of the used bag; both the color of the bag and the lovely lines and form from it’s simple use. One cold late autumn day I began to draw the tea bags, some singular, some in small groups.  Here is a small drawing that I did one of those days late November 2009.

A simple act of love inspired this ritual- and drawing.

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