painting by Nicole Royer

Nicole Royer,
Inside, acrylic on canvas, ©NicoleRoyer

Nicole Royer is a painter and designer currently working in Wilmington, DE. Nicole and I check in with each other weekly about our work and the business of being an artist. She’s exhibiting her work at Highland Arts Garage in Wilmington, DE with a reception tomorrow Friday, May 1st, 5-8 pm.

painting by Nicole Royer

Nicole Royer,
Faulkland Gardens
acrylic on canvas

As a brief intro to Nicole, I’ve asked her some questions and invite you to check out new paintings from her Heaven and Hell series. Also, at Highlands this weekend is her 3rd annual Clear the Studio event of paintings and works from Nicole’s archives.

mixed media piece by Nicole Royer

Nicole Royer, Slice and Ice,
acrylic on plexiglass with wood.
All photos by Christian Kaye

Nanci: Who and/or what inspires/drives you as an artist?

Nicole:  I enjoy taking tidbits of my day that have added up to larger idea and creating a story from it, in the form of an Abstract painting. I use colors, textures and motions that reflect my story so the viewer can understand my perspective.  I am driven by wanting to stretch my limits of what paint on canvas can show.  I enjoy traveling to new locations to see how the environment changes my viewpoint.  I want others to see from my eyes.

Nanci: What advice would you give to local, young artists that dream about becoming successful at their craft?

Nicole:  I would advise any young Artist to take courses in all aspects of business, including marketing, customer service, bookkeeping/accounting, etc.  This is just as important as being good at your craft, especially if you are a sole proprietorship and just starting out.  It’s hard to do everything on your own but if you don’t have the resources to hire someone, you will at least need to know how to do the basics.  Networking and building a good base of friends, family and acquaintances will help you immensely so start a mailing list.  Buyers like to feel a connection to the Artist so most of your early sales will come from the group of people closest to you.

Nanci: Describe your ideal studio space in great detail.

Nicole:  Huge surrounding windows with pouring light and skylights.  So much space that I never need to worry about where I’m going to put my finished paintings to dry.  I would love to have a balcony with a view of Los Angeles’ palm trees and the hills.  I would need floors that don’t matter how much paint gets splattered on to them and a few huge sinks to clean my brushes and do projects.  I’d love to have wooden storage shelves where I can slide paintings in & out easily without damage, on wheels, and a loft area to view my paintings from above.  

Lastly, I need to be able to run around in my bare feet and a sundress!   

For more info about Nicole Royer or to see dates and times of Heaven and Hell Show and  Clear the Studio Sale click here.


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