Berta's De Kooning

Picasso in the bedroom, Matisse in the hall, DeKooning above a chest , Milton Avery in every room, and more…!

Photo of private art collection

Art on every wall and nook and cranny

An invitation this week to visit the home of Berta Kerr in Wilmington, DE was extended to the docents of the DE Art Museum and The Delaware Contemporary.  I was told by a mutual friend that this was an opportunity not to be missed. That, was an understatement.

Spring garden photo, WIlmington, DE

Lush garden full of spring color

Berta, a gracious hostess, invited us to wander her backyard gardens among her sculptures, Japanese maple treeshostas and other native plants. When all had arrived, Berta brought us through her front door where she invited us to sit in her warm living room. It was a visual feast everywhere you looked.

Berta Kerr with gallery catalogue of Milton Avery

Berta showing us a catalogue from her mother, Grace Borgenicht’s gallery with the work of Milton Avery.

Berta is the daughter of the late Grace Borgenicht, a well know NYC gallery owner in the 1950’s through the 90’s, and as I learned, a painter in her own right. Berta shared personal stories of growing up in NYC with an Avery above her bed, and many of the painters at her dinner table. She also worked, and then managed the gallery for many years before moving to Delaware.

taking photos of art

Every wall was a photo op and this beautiful painting by Milton Avery was a show stopper

It was a great afternoon all around. Berta seemed genuinely happy to share her collection with us and we, were a most appreciative and grateful audience, happy to be led by our genial guide.




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