Last weekend our son Nate became a bar mitzvah. He did a great job leading the services, both Friday evening and Saturday morning. He wrote and read a beautiful d’var Torah (speech) (and yes I did get teary eyed), there was a lovely kiddush following the services followed by a luncheon, then some people back at the house, and a skating party for school and soccer friends the following day.

whew. it was fun, a little exhausting, but the good kind.

This is what life is about. Celebrating, sharing, witnessing our children growing, milestones, in the midst of all this, a cousin passed, my mother in law was in and out of the hospital, the kids’ entertainment got the flu and cancelled, other guests had it as well and couldn’t make it.

This is what life is about. Celebrating, sharing, and rolling with it. whatever it is.

Table centerpieces (relocated to skating bleachers!)
“Yoyo’s (made from pie plates) with photos of Nate
and balloons from Fulton Paper.

It’s all good.

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