Lynn Krawczyk, based in Southeastern Michigan is this week’s guest blogger for our Artist as Collector Series.

Jeanne Williamson, Patterns in Fences #11
10″ x 10″
Jeanne Williamson’s work focuses on the pattern found in the orange plastic open fencing that surrounds construction sites. She uses this as a template to print the fabric with various paints and then fills in the negative spaces with additional patterns. Her use of color is always centered around showcasing pattern in her two dimensional pieces and her new larger installations.

As a fabric printer myself, I’m fascinated by the way she puts color down on cloth. She’s made several series based on her printed construction fence fabric. “Patterns in Fence #11”is from one such series.  It measures 10”x10” and despite it’s small size, packs a huge graphic punch. 

After I purchased “Patterns in Fences #11,” I immediately hung it in my studio. It creates an inspiring energy for me there and helps me feel more connected to other artists when I work. Jeanne is a role model as she continues creating larger and bolder work and helps further the presence of fiber art in the mainstream art world.    
Lynn Krawczyk is a mixed media fiber artist creating a juxtaposition of textures and surfaces, leaving her mark on everything she creates.

Lynn’s website:

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