It can be interesting, rewarding, or perhaps even challenging, to receive feedback on your work, regardless of your profession. However, to have someone respond to your work of art with an original musical composition- is a gift.

Chrysalis 2 ©NanciHersh

Chrysalis 2, Etching with aquatint and gold embossed rubber stamp Image: 6″ x 4″ Paper: 10″ x 7″

Artist, composer, and playwright Helen Davey  has been working on a project titled 52 Sound Paintings; “52 pieces of music in direct response to 52 artworks shared by 52 different artists for 52 weeks. Every week one artist’s work will be featured, together with a corresponding “Sound-Painting”: music (she’s) created (and performed) specifically for the artwork.”

For week 21, Helen selected my print, Chrysalis, an etching with aquatint and gold embossed rubber stamp. The print was created many years ago as a visceral response following surgery for breast cancer. In a poignant layering of vocals, cymbals, percussion and piano Helen translates this small print into a hauntingly lovely composition titled “Khrusallis,” the Greek word for chrysalis, from “khrusos”, ‘gold’ (apparently because of the gold color or metallic sheen of the pupae of some species.)

To see Helen’s post and listen to my gift, click here. You can also hear more of Helen’s 52 Sound Paintings or to purchase: Volume 1 or Volume 2 (with Khrussalis.) They are as varied as the artists’ work she has selected and demonstrate generosity of spirit as well as her musical gifts and abilities.

Thank you Helen.


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