Saturday, September 24, 2016 is our 4th Annual Open House Studio Party. 5-9 pm

Sure, I know you’re busy. You probably have a million things going on, we all do. But that’s the beauty of an Open Studio House Party- You can stop by before you head out – or after, or stay the whole time. Bring a friend, see an old friend, make some new ones, have a glass of something cold and refreshing, nibble on some tasty treats all while hanging out surrounded by art, flowers, a couple of dogs, and in the backyard, our koi pond.


photo of home/studio of Nanci Hersh 2016

Sneak Preview: Putting it all together for our Open Studio House Party 2016.

Scott and I love sharing my art work and our home with friends. The company, the setting, and some food and drink make for a fun evening for everyone who stops by. And you get to chill because I do most of the work.

If you want to know how I do it, read on. If it makes you tired just reading about it- just show up on Saturday– and enjoy!

Postcard for Nanci Hersh's Open Studio House Party

My oversized post cards are a large part of getting the word out. Starting with a great photo by Christian Kaye and strong consistent design by Caryl Felicetta.

  1. Get the Word Out.
    1. Emails to my list– Save the Date, Invite, and this week- a reminder.
    2. Rack Card- I send an oversized postcard to collectors, galleries & curators.
    3. Create an Event on Facebook
    4. Blog (hello there)
    5. Instagram which links to FB, and Twitter

      Info about the Open Studio House Party on the Back of card

      Info about the Open Studio House Party on the Back of card

  2. Food and Drink 
    1. Year 1 in 2012 was a guesstimate of food, wine and beer, even so, some years wine is more in demand, others- beer. Regardless, better to have too much than too little, and Miller Lite is never a good idea. (at least not with this crowd!) Lots of good local craft beers.
    2. Pellegrino is preferred over seltzer and ice cold water with lemon is always a must.
    3. My local Acme market in Lantana Square has awesome fresh sushi which is always a hit, as are my home made white chocolate with cranberry biscotti.
    4. My friend Bobbi makes a baked brie with fig jam served with baguettes and I also always have a cheese platter, hummus with crudité, Acme’s homemade guacamole and chips. Other friends have brought dishes as well.
Mixed media sculpture ©NanciHersh

Blue Eye Nest has found it’s place- resting/nesting in a small soldered sculpture.
Hand made paper, encaustic, steel, collage.©NanciHersh

3. Curating and Hanging the Work

  1. Take down most of the work on my walls. If it’s mine, give it a fresh new space, if not, it goes away for the night.
  2. This year, like two years ago I will be hanging work upstairs and also in my downstairs studio – for the most part my Koi Pond Series, Nets, and newer Nests will be upstairs. Works on Paper and some earlier work will be on the lower level, including prints from our Butterfly Kisses Book, and the artwork I created for Wilmington Flower Market 2015. This is a great way to take stock and inventory of what you have and how you group the work.

4. It Takes a Village and other not so small details…

photo of Autumn Pond, insitu ©NanciHersh

Dini, my curatorial assitant taking assessing the hanging of Autumn Pond, acrylic, pastel, collage on paper. Framed in Koa Wood. ©Nancihersh

  1. or at least some help- someone to help with greeting your guests, replenishing refreshments, sales, and clean up.
  2. Sales- can you take a credit card? do you have a Square reader? Wrapping area.
  3. Photographer or videographer is always good to have on hand.

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know and I’ll get on it ASAP.

Hope to see you on Saturday, September 24, 2016. 5-9 pm

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