Nanci’s 2nd Annual Open House/Studio Art Party is just about here, Saturday, September 20, 2014.

The work is hung, the house is clean (ah, love that) and my white chocolate/ cranberry biscotti are in the oven as I write this.

A wall in my upstairs studio,
the painting on the left is still wet!

Curating my work with other elements of my house and studio is half the fun.

Shadow Drawing #10 on the wall
Cool very old chair I’ve had for a while with
dried proteas from Hawaii that were sent
to me many years ago.
Everything has a story-
and Everything in its Place

And this year, my friend and photographer Jessica Czerwin will be here with camera so I can share the evening with all of you who aren’t able to make it.

A Jessica Czerwin shot of Jerry Hodges and I
at my show at Project Space, February 2014.

And above all, what I really love, is bringing people together: artists, neighbors, writers, Scott’s squash buddies, fellow guides at the DCCA, parents we met from school, from soccer, and yoga.

Just as materials, images, and stories are layered together to create my work, the people in my life give a richness and meaning to my life, and when it all comes together- Well, now that’s a Party!

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