Detail of Installation
(my personal prayers in 3d)
Wire, pulp, encaustic, tea bags, collage

Noticing how the mind wants to judge the work when I go into the studio- and how that can be the kiss of death for the creative process.

that and comparing your art to others.

especially when the intention is to be authentic, a prayer- of thanksgiving, of gratitude, a prayer for loss or sorrow- or love.

so now I am practicing just noticing that- the black cloud in the expansive sky as my friend gib so eloquently put it on the phone today. catching up with him while i was fiddling with some monotypes I have been doing over the past couple of days.  I see them in my mind’s eye, but then they go in a different direction and I am ok with that.  it’s kind of like not working out for a while. it takes a while. or like my affirmation for tenacity, or seeing the beauty and value in who I am and all that I create.


It was so wonderful to read the interview with Tony Feher by Saul Ostrow in my first issue of BOMB magazine. Saul admits to Tony that at first he didn’t “get” Tony’s work and Tony is describing a moment when he decided to give up painting which he was struggling with and he  “realized that ‘three dimensions’ was where ‘he’ existed more comfortably….

and here’s what truly resonated for me:

“That’s the moment when I understand that I have to make art to please myself. … I let everything else go; I stopped trying to make art and just did what pleased me, what excited me, what took me to some place of consideration where I hadn’t been before.”  Tony Feher

and then Saul asks Tony about the aspiration for his work- and here’s another gem:

For me that’s the aspiration for being alive. It’s about truth and honesty.

Now that’s an affirmation- of life, of art and making stuff. without judgement.  at least not in the studio, once it’s out there- all bets are off. but that’s another post.

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