Chanukah is crazy early. Thanksgiving is a week late, and Christmas is everywhere.

Feeling a bit of the frenzy yet?
Frenzy, 2013
acrylic, spray paint on canvas
30″ x 40″

The true essence of the season is one of gratitude and joy. And in that spirit, Catherine Hartigan and I would like to share our gratitude with, and for you.

Our Catching Up exhibition ends next week, on November 16. As a way of saying thank you we have a special offer this month. You can buy one of my Koi paintings or a Catherine Hartigan photograph during the month of November and you will receive 25 notecards with the image of your new acquisition on the front, and blank inside. Perfect for holiday, thank you or whatever cards.

And in case you were wondering, you can purchase a work of art installments, no interest. It’s all good.

Share the gratitude. and thank YOU.

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