It’s a clear, crisp New Year’s Day 2009 -WOW! This is the year I turn 50- not for another 6 months but in all honesty I think I may need to the time to get used to the idea that I am no longer 25! This is a good thing anyway. I was in Hawaii then and grooving on being there, but there was a lot more angst in my psyche and soul. Now I am much more comfortable with who I am and at peace in my body- (though cosmetic surgery is beginning to sound alot more appealling!)

My friend and yoga buddy, Christian emailed me an interesting questionnaire to reflect on the past year and use as a tool for the New Year. I love this kind of stuff! It’s like a fun homework assignment for me- brings presence into my life and allows me to slow down and reflect. It also prompts me to regroup and look at what is important to me. I also find that when I write things down it lays down the path for it to happen…

This is a monotype that I did a month or so ago when my new friend Eva Ygfeldt came over to print with me in my studio. It is titled “An Afternoon with Eva.” Simple. Simple is good, I have been know to overthink things. (hmmm) So here I am putting it out there; One of my biggest intentions/ goals for 2009- to create and enjoy the process, be in the process, have fun, be open and stay out of my head. That’s not to say content and all that other art school jargon won’t play a part of it, but it is the act of creation I want to be a part of and see what path that leads me.

Happy 2009… and may all beings everywhere be happy and free…..

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