Hawaii painter and curator, James Kuroda is this week’s guest blogger for our Artist as Collector Series.

Whipper Snapper, 2008
Recycled rubber bicycle inner tubes
collection of James Kuroda

about eli:
eli (pronounced L-E) baxter is an award winning hawaii based artist who creates works in various media and also does site specific installations.

i really enjoy this sculpture because of where it takes me. i travel to a place that is both fun and a bit dangerous. i also appreciate the intricate crafts(wo)manship involved in its creation. it’s art that i never get tired of looking at.   

James Kuroda has been an integral part of the Hawaii art scene in many facets.  I first met James when he worked at Hawaiian Graphics in Honolulu where I would buy all my art supplies. Right next to the register was this fabulous little painting that I used to look at all the time.  Before I left Hawaii, I decided I couldn’t leave the island without it. 

Here it is many years later on the mantel in my house, still making me smile.

Shoe Salesmen, 1991 (on right)
mixed media on canvas
6″ x 4″

What’s on your walls or in your collection that you never tire of looking at?

I’d love to see what’s in your collection? Post a comment below and I will tell you how you can be a guest blogger for my

Artist as Collector Series.
Pay it forward.

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