Sunset over waikiki beach

Hawaiian Sunset over Waikiki Beach

Earlier this month, Scott and I spent some wonderful time back in Hawaii where I was a part of the Art of Peace to benefit Domestic Violence Action Center.  It turns out that as we were enjoying a lovely evening in Waikiki with our dear friend Pegge Hopper on our last evening on the island, Paris was under attack.

Photo of Pegge Hopper, Scott and Nanci

Pegge Hopper, Scott and Nanci, our last night in Hawaii earlier this month

Several hours later at our layover in Seattle, I first caught a glimpse of the terror of this news on a screen in the airport. R. Valencia, Stop Da Violence, digital print

Ray Valencia, Stop Da Violence, Digital print for Art of Peace to benefit DVAC at Pegge Hopper Gallery

None of it makes sense, as the craziness in the world continues.

But then again, so does kindness and beauty. The other day, as Nate was at a local eatery, a “big” guy in front of him paid for my son’s burrito. Nate had never seen him before moment, and the only contact between the two was a fist bump and a “thank you Man,” as they parted ways.

Painting of Potted Pink Kalanchoe by Nanci Hersh

Potted Pink Kalanchoe, 11/22/15
12″ x 9″, oil on board.

In the midst of all the craziness, I continue to practice gratitude and celebrate all that is good, and paint. For the joy of moving paint around, for creating something out of nothing and to share with others.



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