Day #13,  November 30, 2013 from What’s in My Drawers.

Make a Wish
Collograph, gesso, oil, graphite, rubber stamp
on paper
30″ x 22″


Make a Wish is from a series I did when my now teenage sons, were very young, using recycled children’s clothing as a vehicle to tell the stories of childhood/motherhood, time passing, and memory. 
Often in this work, numbers and letters float through space.
This is a collograph print.  I coated the clothing with an acrylic gel medium that when dried creates a hard impermeable surface that I rolled up with ink and embossed onto a sheet of paper using a table top etching press. 

Childhood flies by in a blur. Memory, reality and fantasy float in and out of the day to day rituals of feeding, dressing, changing- and that all too elusive- sleeping.  I always say that my boys make me “work for a living” (!) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ok, I wouldn’t mind a little more compliance.  Make a Wish.

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