I have been in various schools the past couple of weeks. Printmaking with High School kids at Brearely in Kenilworth, Papermaking with 7th graders at Mountz in Spring Lake, and yesterday and today with K- 4 at Brookdale School in Verona. One little kindergarten boy exclaimed yesterday while block printing his own unique stamp . ” This is MAGIC!”

I love that because it reminds me of why I enjoy teaching and sharing what I do. It also speaks of the power of art to transform – those who create, and those who view it. It is a win -win situation when we are in that space or zone. As an artist. teacher, and mom, it is also a call to remember to make that time for myself to create.

Here is a short video of one of the seventh graders partnering with a senior citizen to make paper for a collaborative project.

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