The only way to get better at something anything, is practice, regularly, consistently.

Bobbi Levitt’s painting and easel at Painting by the Pond

The best way to really learn something is to teach it.

And to find joy in something you need to share it.

I loved having my students at my home and studio last week for Painting by the Pond. It was exciting to watch everyone’s work develop and I know for sure that teaching makes me a better artist. Takes me from auto pilot to being present, demands clarity and good communication, and I learn and am inspired from what each student, regardless of experience brings to the class.

Kay S. set up in the shade (smart lady) and
kept on going all week.

Milan’s first oil painting…

“It was a wonderful, invaluable experience, an inspirational 5 days with a fabulous instructor and mentor who helped me to grow not only as an artist but as an art teacher as well.”

Kathy N.
Kathy at work

So much fun we’re going to do it again… look for shout outs about a Fall Weekend Workshop of Painting by the Pond. The colors are glorious and the fish are still active.

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