Rabbits have been a part of my life and art for many years.  Because of that people have given me rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits. Kinda kitsch, but fun.
Sheep, on the other hand are on my walls because they are art.  
I first saw the work of Theodore Waddell at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery many years ago when the gallery was in New York City.  Scott and I bought this small drawing when we were in Seattle just after we were married. Excited to find an exhibition of his work at the Linda Hodges Gallery, I noticed it leaning against a wall and brought my husband back to see it.  It became a wedding present to ourselves and now hangs in our dining room.

Ted Waddell, 1989
Winter Sheep Drawing 3A
Oil/graphite on paper

 Betsey Reagan is a friend with a unqiue and quirky view of the world. Like Waddell, she is adept at depicting a range of animals, but sheep permeate her work. Anthropomorphic, they help us see ourselves with humor and irony.  This detail, illustrates her subject and her own unique way of working with plaster and oil. In this case, on a small found college banner. A gift and a gem.

Betsey Reagan, 2002
Dolly Goes to College
Oil and plaster on Pennant

Art or kitsch,  what do you collect?

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