Last week I had a lot of fun participating in the Kennett High School Art Festival. Artists from the community were invited to demonstrate their craft and exhibit their work along with student work. I brought in copies of our Butterfly Kisses Book, as well as prints from the book, mixed media works on paper and paintings from my Koi Pond Series
A table of Butterfly Kisses books with
Kaleidoscope of Color
Acrylic on canvas on th easels behind

This event was on the heels of the Kennett Middle School Career Day with at least another two concerts in the district, a Choral at the High School and Band and Orchestral at the Middle School in between. It reminds me how fortunate we are to have our children in a school district that values and (still) supports the arts.  (and yes, they do also have a strong athletics program.)

We also put a large roll of paper and had conte and pastels available for students to draw on all day.  It was a big hit…. as were the ice pops for sale form La Michoacana– a favorite local homemade ice cream store in Kennett Square.  (coconut is my all time favorite!)

Local artist Charles Lewis sharing prints of his
scratchboard art with KHS students 
Watercolorist Annie Strack painted all day 
to the awe and appreciation of students and community
A day of Art

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