Texas based artist, Cynthia Alderete is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.

Acid tint/ Lithograph

I first met Sydney Cross, a Professor at Clemson University, when I signed up for her workshop at Frogman’s Print Workshop at the University of South Dakota in 2000.

Failing terribly (4 tries with her assistants) at her Acid Tinting techniques, we finally gave up and laughed about it.    Just one of those things about art!

We became friends that year and and spend time catching up at various art conferences. We have also participated in many portfolio exchanges together. Brain Storm is one of my favorite pieces from one such portfolio.

Sydney still teaches at Clemson’s and offers workshops throughout the US. 

Cynthia Alderete is a fine artist, printmaker and educator who lives and works in the Hill Country outside of Austin, Texas.  Cynthia and I met at Santa Reparata Graphic Art Centre (now called the Santa Reparate International School of Art) in Florence, Italy many years ago.  There is something about printmakers and friendship that transcends time and miles!

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