On the heels on the successful completion of the two murals by the Germantown Art Club and the total redo our our Butterfly Kisses Book website, I am reminded once again how it truly takes a village of committed individuals and the support of something higher (call IT what you wish) to see something truly magical come together.

The mural was a collaborative effort put forth by so many people, Aileen McCullough and the Arts for Peace project of Young Audiences of Eastern PA (www.yaep.org) and a grant from PNC Bank and support from the Rentschler Foundation, along with local community support from Germantown hardware store Pik-A-Panel True Value and the store’s owner, Scott Shapiro, who assisted by donating some of the project supplies. Alisha Hagelin and her mural club students, as well asmany administrators and faculty of Germantown High School, Philly, PA. The murals look Great! The students feel empowered and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with threm.

Our new website is job well done thanks to the genius of Jason Faser of Lost Studios who is a totally cool, humble, easy to work with guy, and my cousin and business partner, Ellen McVicker, www.butterflykissesbook.com.

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