Writer, artist and intern, Ivana Gatica is guest blogger this week.

Ivana Gatica working in Nanci Hersh's studio

Ivana, writer, artist and intern extraordinaire working on mask/head piece

As the first in my family to pursue a career in the arts, I have heard much about the risk and reasons why not to follow my dreams. For a long time I listened to these comments and questions such as “What do you want to do with your art?” or “How are you going to make a living?” with a feeling of dread as I moved in a direction I had been advised against. 

 However, since I’ve met Nanci and began interning with her, I have:

1. Helped her prepare for exhibitions stretching canvas, making wall labels and exhibition inventory check lists.

Ivana Gatica at work in Nanci Hersh's studio

Ivana trimming a painting to be stretched

2. Made two videos for her. Here’s the video. (second will be live soon.)

3. Packed Butterfly Kisses book order.

4. Helped prepare for and attend two different school residencies where Nanci is a teaching artist and learned screen printing and pop up books.

Ivana assisting student at Norristown High School with screen printing a t shirt

Ivana assisting student at Norristown High School with screen printing a t shirt

5. Made a sample mask/ head piece for an upcoming Professional Development workshop for the Delaware Institute of Arts in Education (DIAE) and attended a planning meeting with Jonathan Whitney, Artistic Director of DIAE , Ivan Henderson, Curator of Education and Janet Broske, Curator of Collections, both at University of Delaware to view some of the African Masks in their collection.

6. Guest blogging and social media posting.

and that’s only in the first week!

I am learning many things about what it means to make art for a living.

It’s not about locking yourself up in the studio all day. (although I certainly wouldn’t complain about that.)

Being an artist means time management, promoting your art and yourself through connections and social media so that doing what you love becomes a possibility, and not just a dream.

As I continue to spend time with Nanci, I am growing more confident in what I do and even more excited to continue my education in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ivana and Nanci at WFM Private Preview Party

Ivana and Nanci at Okie Studio photo:Christian Kaye

Ivana Gatica will be graduating from Sanford High School, Wilmington, DE June 2015, and attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the fall.



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