It’s one of those things that I “should’ve (don’t you HATE that word?!) written it down as soon as I recalled it. I did share it with Scott to give it some weight in my waking life (if you can call it that at 5:45 am) but anyway…my dream had to do with new beginnings. I was with a group of people that I knew (though not sure how well) and I remember something to do with sticking out my hand and saying that I am ready for my next step in life, and I usually know what it is – but right now I don’t know and figure I just need to be patient. Unfortunately, for me, that is all I recall at this time. It may come back to me….I do remember something to do with architecture – more of the architecture of the space of my dream was interesting to me. Kind of like when I was in Florence, Italy in 1991. I had been having house dreams back home in Hawaii at the time. We were renovating a run down old plantation house and my dreams were filled with dark old spaces with lots of nooks and crannies – filled with potential. Then I got to Italy, a visual, historical, gastronomical feast and I dreamed of a Palace. It was incredible. Then of course I got back to Hawaii, took one look at the pile of old construction debris that was still left on my front lawn, hired my friend’s sons and a truck and had it all hauled away and after that – split with my ex. ! Ah change….none of that type now….more on a personal and spiritual level. With a makeup pencil I wrote on my bath room mirror the following words: Choose to be at Peace with Yourself. Just saying that out load feels good. Now to live it….

I did cut out and save my horoscope from the local paper around Thanksgiving because I loved what it said…..

Believe in the magic of hunches. You may get mental images or bodily sensations that further inform this feeling you get in your gut about what to do next. This is the way your heart talks to you.

I like that.

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