No sooner are the leftovers transformed into some nameless dish;  the holiday decorations are out of their bins and onto front lawns everywhere.
Table Setting (detail)
Monotype, pastel, collage

This can be challenging for some of us. Too much, too soon we cry!

My Favorite Kicks
Truly Festive!

If the art of elving is not part of your heritage or in your DNA, how can you find your festive this holiday season?

Notice where it already is, and say thank you for the fun and whimsy all around you.
Patsels Restaurant in Clark Summit, PA
Every nook is a work of art at Patsels

Create your own festive nook with art, objects, beauty and whimsy.
Ululani (detail)

Mixed media on mannequin
Collection of Harvey and Joan Vogel
Where do you find festive in your life? Is there a room, a corner, a shelf- that celebrates who you are and reminds you to smile, any time of year?

Let the fun begin!

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