Today was the final day of my Marshall Bridge Welding Workshop with Stan Smokler.  
The week was hot, we were sweating and we had incredible fun.

5 full days of welding in a picturesque setting along a creek with Stan’s sculptures sprinkled on the banks,  all the materials we could find or salvage, all the tools- MIG and torch welders, a plasma cutter (my personal favorite), a forge and expert technical assistance from Stan and his techs that he brings to the workshop every year…. Dennis Beach, Kevin Bielicki, Bob Bickey and Jeffrey Bell. Artists in their own right, hardworking on our behalf and very accommodating for the fortunate 10 of us.

Yep, that’s me!

There were coolers of ice cold water and a great lunch every day!  Today was sushi followed by a critique- which was really an opportunity for us to see each others work since most of the time we had our goggles on and our noses in our own work.

Welding builds up an appetite and it sure feels good to sit down!

Stan has another week of workshops coming up followed by an exhibition/ party of the works created open to the public.

Want to see what I made this week? Guess you’ll have to come to the party!

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