another year….and how great is that! I am feeling optimistic on a personal level and not so much as a citizen of the world, but maybe that’ll come around,too. Made it through the holidays which is not always my favorite time of the year, the crowds, the pressure for to be festive when in reality I am feeling a little burnt out, a little overwhelmed and here in the northeast the weather is colder and more gray. but I am finding the beauty in even that. SO that said, my commitment to my yoga and meditation keeps me grounded as does my family and friends but it is my work through my art and teaching that I feel needs some tweaking, i.e. which in this case means infusing with some new energy and purpose – which is where the drawing a day comes from thanks to a quote in the local paper by Sid Godwin a professor of art at Brookdale Community College here….

“Making or leaving one’s mark is not simple cliche, but a very concrete act. Drawing is probably the most fundamental of processes in the arts. It is probably one of the most natural ways of intereacting with the world.(just saw my typo there – I LIKE the word intereacting with with world!)

so here is my unofficial new year’s resolution: a drawing a day….and for good measure here are 3 for today, which was actually yesterday…but whatever….its showing up that counts.

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