We hung my work yesterday at the Siegel JCC ArtSpace.

Carol & I adjusting the height of Hanging By a Thread

Exhibiting at the JCC ArtSpace is an opportunity to work with two very gifted- and experienced people. Carol Balick, head of the art committee (and an artist) for the JCC has an impeccable eye. She knew what she wanted to include in the show, laid it all out quite quickly- and she was spot on.

Carol with Hanging by a Thread and Kaleidoscope

Working alongside, Jon Schoff, chief preparator (and artist) at the Delaware Art Museum was a great opportunity as well. His experience and expertise in working with and hanging art of all sizes and materials ensured that the upmost care was given to my work.

Jon Schoff peeling off the backing from the vinyl letters he created for my statement

Jon’s got the touch- and patience to make sure that every letter is on right.

And, Katie Glazier, assistant director of special projects at the Siegel JCC made all the labels for the work- as well as ran out to pick up some supplies we needed.

Jon taught Carol and I that the proper way to hang labels, as they do at the
DE Art Museum is consistently at eye level, approximately 62″.

Having hung numerous exhibitions by myself- as well as having had work delivered or shipped off somewhere else where you give up all control to the gallery director or staff, this collaboration was a pleasure. Andrew Simonet of Artists U told a group of participants recently in a series of “Building a Sustainable Life” workshops at the Leeway Foundation, that “No One is Coming,” meaning… no one is coming to save us as artists, we need to take responsibility for our own careers. Strategic Planning, not magical thinking.

However, he also told us that we don’t have to do everything ourselves. (though we may try at times!) And when you have the right team- it makes life so much easier. sigh.

I am so grateful for all the support I have received for this show. Now for the fun part-
the Opening Reception.

Hope to see you there…

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