She is a Goddess, a hunter, a gatherer, and a vessel.

mixed media sculpture ©2016NanciHersh

Goddess… Netting, yarn, thread, tubing, wire.

The sum of many parts, she is a nest of stories, pieces that hold mysteries of their own, finding a way to weave together a sacred place.

detail of sculpture ©2016Nancihersh

a woven treasure of mysteries ©NanciHersh

As we all do each day.

Perhaps she is a portrait of our authentic selves, our inner network of channels that keep our dreams, our memories, our fears in a place that is able to evolve and change with time and space.

And she needs a name…Your thoughts?

PS. Stop by and “meet”her at my Open House Studio Party on Saturday, September 24, 2016, 5-9 pm


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